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Forte Strings began about 20 years ago as a traditional string quartet formed by some first chair musicians in the SAU symphony. Since then we’ve broadened our musical abilities/repertoire and replaced our viola player with an extremely gifted keyboard player (Darlene). Conrad plays cello and guitar and we have two violinists (Shawn, Shannon). Darlene and Conrad have some vocal pieces that we can offer as well. Our musical tastes and abilities today embrace a very broad range of styles/genres and we take great pride in customizing each event according to our client’s preferences and the desired theme/feel of the event.

In addition to musicianship we bring audio services (PA, lapel mic for officiant, wireless mic for guest speaker/vocalist, etc.) to every event – we even have two complete audio systems for situations where clients ask us to perform at the wedding ceremony and also at a different location for cocktail hour or full reception.  We do play outdoors and provide our own canopy in situations where weather conditions are potentially threatening 😉  When you book Forte Strings you are getting the most client focused group to provide you with the best live music, address all your basic audio needs, and give you the peace of mind that no matter what – the event will be entertaining, elegant, and exceptional!!

With so much versatility we like to get to know our client’s individual needs and musical preferences and apprise ourselves adequately of the specifics of each event to make sure we are a perfect fit for the occasion.

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